Dissertation Proposal Form

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When handing in the final draft of your dissertation, please also complete this proposal form as part of your internal Analysis and Evaluation unit.

Dissertation Proposal


Dissertation – Referencing Guide

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Below are a couple of guides as to how to structure your referencing and footnotes for your dissertations. Please read through these and amend your dissertations accordingly.

AH English Project – Dissertation

Dissertation Guide

Context in Tennessee Williams

Below is the PowerPoint for studying the CONTEXT of ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’.


If you were off, try to use the research you complete for that task to help with this Literary Study question:

“Drama explores the local and the universal . . .”

 Discuss some of the principal means by which a playwright explores the “local and the universal” in any two plays.

Also, here’s something to watch when you get a chance, which will be helpful when trying to understand the context of Williams’ writing: