Jane Eyre Notes – Themes, Symbols and Motifs

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Here’s copies of the notes on themes, symbols and motifs from our lesson last week. You can use these to help with your presentations, which are due on Friday 2nd December.


Jane Eyre presentations 

Hello dears,

Okay, for Friday 2nd December, I’d like you to prepare a presentation based on either ONE of the key themes we have discussed, or ALL the symbols used in the novel, or ALL the motifs used in the novel.

The choices are noted below:

Any questions, just let me know!

Jane Eyre – Setting

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For some reason this hadn’t loaded the other night – no idea why. In lieu of anyone else to pin it on, I’ll blame my cat.

Below is a link to a critical thesis on setting in the novel, and how it compares to the 2006 BBC adaptation. Ignore the parts about the TV show, but the rest is very useful.



Literary Study Essay – Jane Eyre

Hello folks,

Just a reminder that in tomorrow’s double period (Wednesday 23rd November) we will be completing a Lit. Study response on Jane Eyre and the use of setting to explore key themes – this is really to consolidate our learning on this, and hopefully ensure that we know how to tackle this type of question.

Remember, SETTING, not characterisation!

Use you feedback on the previous essay, as well as the additional tasks/reading I’ve given you to help with this.

Jane Eyre Critical Reading Homework

Hello folks,

As well as the critical piece in the previous post on SETTING, I’d like to you to also read these three pieces as part of your revision on Jane Eyre. We will be discussing these in a future lesson, so you should be familiar with them, and can even use them to support analysis in your Lit. Study responses.

Please have these read by Monday 5th December.

Fairy Tale Elements

Resistance, Rebellion and Marriage

Feminism and Christianity

Library Membership

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Hope you all had a good time at the libraries on Friday. If you’re looking to get membership for Central Library, the details are below:


You can also join the Edinburgh University library for free if you only use books for reference, i.e. don;t check them out of the library. You can register for this online, then take proof of ID into one of the library buildings to finalise. Details of how to that are here:


Rochester – Byronic hero?

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Below are links to the articles we read today in class, as well as a third, which is an extended thesis on how Rochester is portrayed in various adaptations of Jane Eyre – not essential to read this for class, but might be a good way of seeing the different ways the character can be interpreted.




Remember tomorrow we’re in C118 for dissertation support!