The Handmaid’s Tale – Critical Reading

Hello folks,

A few articles I would like to you to read and take notes on as part of today and tomorrow’s lesson.

I’d also like you to, in groups, come up with THREE discussion questions regarding the articles that the class will tackle tomorrow.





2 thoughts on “The Handmaid’s Tale – Critical Reading

  1. Hi miss, I’m very sorry to bother you on a weekend, but I’m struggling with writing an essay for this question, ‘Compare and contrast the treatment of love in any two novels.’ I was going to compare the relationship of Mr rochester and Jane with that of the Commander and Offred. Then I was going to compare the Helen Burns as a motherly figure for Jane, and Moira as a motherly figure for Offred. I wondered if it would be okay to explore two different kinds of loving relationships in the one essay, or if you’d recommend just exploring one kind? Sorry for all the questions.


  2. Hey Chloe,

    I’d actually look at Offred and Nick (including her memories of Luke) and her relationship with the Commander, and just focus on Jane and Rochester. Any more would spread yourself too thin. If you don’t want to go the romantic route, discuss Moira and Helen/the Rivers sisters.

    Any other questions, just let me know.


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