Dover Beach Textual Analysis Feedback

  • Need to establish a clear overall argument/evaluative stance – what is the significance of the scene Arnold describes? What themes/concepts are explored? How does he do this?
  • Only a couple of you actually mentioned pathetic fallacy as a technique – TECHNIQUES ARE ESSENTIAL!!!
  • Not many people picked up on the shift in atmosphere, moving from positive imagery to a sense of loss as the poem progresses.
  • Some of you thought this was a war poem – interesting interpretation, but it’s not.
  • Also, a lot of people shied away from the structure here – don’t be afraid of it, as dealing with it head on can really enhance your analysis, i.e. the ‘muddled’ rhyme scheme here is actually a mixed up sonnet in the first section of the poem, not only breaking with tradition, but creating a sense of disharmony and uncertainty.
  • Lots of people not annotating their poems – so helpful, please try to do this, as well as plan.
  • Some responses particularly short and lacking depth – what you have is fine, but there’s nowhere near enough of it. You have an hour and a half. Get to it.

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