Plath Presentations

A part of your revision of the Plath poems, you will each complete a presentation on one of the poems, next Thursday 5th October.

This should include key themes, quotations and detailed analysis of the poem. I expect you to also include some critical reading.

Assigned poems are:

Blackberrying – Anna

Sleep in the Mojave Desert – Kirsty

Arrival of the Beebox – Kyle

Two Campers in Cloud Country – Ben, Sophie

Wuthering Heights – Erin, Eliza

Winter Trees – Cailyn

Ariel – Kael, Catherine


Plath Literary Study Task

“Sylvia Plath is a poet of landscape and seascape—but in several of her poems she transforms these landscapes and seascapes into unique and harrowing territories.”

How far do you agree? You should support your answer with evidence drawn from three or four of her other poems.


“The poet too often presents us with a view of the world which is bleak and lacking in any sort of consolation.” To what extent do you agree? You should refer to three poems.

Plan a response to ONE of these questions, which you will begin writing on Monday. Remember the feedback you received on your previous literary study response.