Folks, have had some worrying reports from teachers in the department regarding your folio pieces, particularly focusing on the fact that some of you are simply not taking on board feedback and failing to edit and improve your pieces accordingly.

I saw a couple of these pieces when I was in on Thursday, and they would not pass on technical grounds alone. Even more worrying was the fact that they had barely changed since I gave feedback on them several months ago.

I will remind you once more: the coursework for this qualification is YOUR responsibility. If you choose not to take on board feedback, then it is your decision, but you will be throwing away a possible 15-30% of your overall mark. You will also have wasted my time, the other teachers in the departments’ time (who are doing you a huge favour in taking your work on in addition to their already enormous amount of marking), and, lastly, your own time.

You’re all capable of doing incredibly well. Don’t waste that by becoming lazy in the final weeks.

I’ll be coming in to see you the day of the exam. In the meantime, if you’ve any questions, just respond to a comment on the blog.



3 thoughts on “Folio

  1. Hi Miss, for prose if you are looking at a question about thematic significance, how would you go about answering that? The question I was looking at was ‘Discuss the thematic significance of social status’ – does that mean you just have to look at how social status helps to develop themes? If so, could you still do one of the paragraphs about the theme of social class? Thank you!


    • Hey Kirsty,

      That’s exactly what it means – what theme/s are developed though the exploration of social status. So, for example, you could explore the theme of gender roles in Jane Eyre and Rebecca, and how the women are constrained by their social status. Does that make sense?


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