Tennessee Williams and Plastic Theatre



Literary Study Practice Questions

Covers relevant questions for our poetry, prose fiction and drama texts.

Literary Study Practice Questions

Tennessee Williams – Critical Reading

Tomorrow, we’ll be completing a lit. study essay – it will be open book, so notes/plans/books are allowed. The question is:

“Drama explores the local and the universal . . .”
 Discuss some of the principal means by which a playwright explores the “local and the universal” in any two plays.

Points to consider:

  • Old vs New South and how this is represented in the plays.
  • Homosexuality and attitudes to this – how the dramas mirror this.
  • Gender roles within the plays.
  • Mendacity in relation to sexuality/gender – how is it relevant and/or or necessary?

All in all, the response should analyse the texts, but also explore how Williams uses them to make wider comments about society.

Below are some readings which will be helpful in developing your understanding and analysis:

guilbert Queering and Dequeering Streetcar


gata_A tenderness

‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ – Symbolism, Imagery and Allegory

Reading for today’s lesson – if you’re taking your extra time to complete the lit. study essay from yesterday, then please have this read for tomorrow’s lesson.


A Streetcar Named Desire – Scene 11

Today’s PowerPoint, folks.


We will also be completing a Lit. Study question on Wednesday 22nd February under timed conditions. The question you should plan to answer is:

Discuss the effectiveness of staging, lighting and sound in the dramatic presentation of the central concerns in A Streetcar Named Desire.