Jane Eyre Presentations

Your presentations on Jane Eyre – some excellent work here. Use these to aid your study of the text.

Eliza Evans

Inequality of Social Class – Kyle

Love Vs Autonomy- anna

Love vs autonomykirsty

Symbols Catherine

Symbols in Jane Eyre Ben Forrester



Rebecca – Critical Reading

Hello dears,

Some articles for you to cast your eyes over, including an exemplar dissertation (from the old Advanced Higher course, so word limit was 4500).

Please have these read for Friday 8th December.

Daphne du Maurier and the Gothic tradition

Echoes in Gothic Romance – Stylistic Similarities Between Jane Eyre and Rebecca


How Daphne du Maurier wrote Rebecca

Literary greats Rebecca – Love, paranoia, obsession

Nightmares, mirrors and possession in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca

The Jane Eyre- Myth in Jane Eyre, Rebecca and Nine Coaches Waiting

Jane Eyre – Literary Study

Okay folks, you will be completing a lit study tomorrow (Thursday 16th November) on Jane Eyre, for the following question:

Discuss the thematic significance of symbolism  in Jane Eyre.

This will be closed book, so no plans or notes in front of you – you have tonight to revise, and the task we have been working on in class should be helpful for you.

Please also take into account the feedback from your lit study responses on setting last week:

  • Don’t try to do too much – have a clear focus, established in your introduction.
  • Have a clear point you explore in each paragraph/section, one that links back to your overall argument – some were all over the place. You need to PLAN.
  • Phrasing – you need to read over your work, ideally at the end of each paragraph – some of these were the ramblings of a crazy person.
  • It is still wildly obvious that a lot of you haven’t read the book – not enough quotations, a lot of vague references or assertions about what the novel is about/explores. I shouldn’t have to tell you how important this is, and it WILL be the difference between passing and failing.

Jane Eyre Presentations

Individually, you will prepare a presentation on ONE of the key themes, ALL of the symbols, or ALL of the motifs below.

You will present this to the class next Thursday 23rd November.


  • The nature of the supernatural
  • Love vs. autonomy
  • Inequality of social class
  • Role of religion
  • Desire vs. control
  • Gender roles


  • Bertha Mason
  • Red room
  • Chestnut tree at Thornfield
  • Bluebeard


  • Fire/ice
  • Substitute mothers
  • Light/dark
  • Supernatural visions

Jane Eyre – Critical Reading

Folks, can you please read these articles as part of your revision on Jane Eyre for Monday 20th November? They will also help with your presentation task.

Jane Eyre – Setting the Scene





Jane Eyre – Homework

You should complete and revise this plan for Thursday 9th November.

Discuss the thematic effectiveness of the use of setting in ‘Jane Eyre’, with specific reference to Gateshead and Lowood.

  • Plan a response to the above question.
  • You will write this under full exam conditions during Thursday’s double period.

Areas to consider:

  • social inequality
  • hypocrisy of religion and religious fervour
  • gender hierarchies
  • the roles Mrs Reed/Helen Burns/Mr Brocklehurst play in this part of the novel
  • symbolism of both the red room and Helen Burns