The Handmaid’s Tale – Class Presentations

Hello folks,

Below are the tutorial presentations each of you delivered for the class last week. Overall, I was very impressed with both your knowledge of the text, and your ability to tackle what were often fairly complex questions.














The Handmaid’s Tale – Critical Reading

Hello folks,

A few articles I would like to you to read and take notes on as part of today and tomorrow’s lesson.

I’d also like you to, in groups, come up with THREE discussion questions regarding the articles that the class will tackle tomorrow.




The Handmaid’s Tale Tutorial Sessions

Hello folks,

As discussed, after the holidays, each of you will lead a tutorial style mini lesson, lasting approximately twenty minutes, and based on The Handmaid’s Tale.

Everyone has now selected a topic question, and you should be working on this at home as part of your prelim revision. These sessions should ALL be ready to go by the first week back, Monday 9th January. Remember that is also the day your first draft of your dissertations is due in, so ensure you are balancing your workload.

Task instructions and topic questions are below. Any questions, just let me know!


Jane Eyre – Setting

Afternoon folks,

For some reason this hadn’t loaded the other night – no idea why. In lieu of anyone else to pin it on, I’ll blame my cat.

Below is a link to a critical thesis on setting in the novel, and how it compares to the 2006 BBC adaptation. Ignore the parts about the TV show, but the rest is very useful.


Literary Study Essay – Jane Eyre

Hello folks,

Just a reminder that in tomorrow’s double period (Wednesday 23rd November) we will be completing a Lit. Study response on Jane Eyre and the use of setting to explore key themes – this is really to consolidate our learning on this, and hopefully ensure that we know how to tackle this type of question.

Remember, SETTING, not characterisation!

Use you feedback on the previous essay, as well as the additional tasks/reading I’ve given you to help with this.