Sylvia Plath Presentations

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To help your critical analysis, and future revision, here’s a collection of the Plath presentations you all delivered before the holidays.













Plath Critical Reading

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Here’s the links to the Plath articles I’d like to you to read over the holidays – please have studied and digested these for Monday 24th October. It’ll really help with your understanding of Plath, and get you used to the language of critical writing that you will need to refer to in your dissertations.




Literary Study – Plath

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As you know, on Monday 29th August you will begin writing a Literary Study-style response to a question on Plath and the three questions we have studied so far. This is OPEN BOOK so you can have your plan in front of you, and will have an hour and a half in total.

Make sure your plan is completed for Monday, along with your DISSERTATION PROPOSALS.


  • Using your notes on ‘Blackberrying’, ‘Sleep in the Mojave Desert’ and ‘Arrival of the Bee Box’, you are going to plan a response to the below question.
  • We will write this on Monday and Tuesdays lessons, totalling 90 minutes.

With reference to at least three poems by a particular poet, discuss the effectiveness of the poet’s use of nature and the natural world in the presentation of significant themes and ideas.

Plath Group Presentations

Hello folks,

Over the weekend, you should be making notes to prepare for group presentations on ‘Blackberrying’ and ‘Sleep in the Mojave Desert’. These presentations will take place on Tuesday 28th June, with class time to prepare on Monday. Make sure you take the weekend to analyse the poems and the themes fully.


Discuss and make notes on how Plath explores the below themes in ‘Blackberrying’ and ‘Sleep in the Mojave Desert’

  • Isolation
  • The speaker’s relationship with nature/the natural world
  • The role of nature in exploring wider themes
  • The fragility of life
  • The sublime, i.e. the speaker’s awareness of her own smallness compared to nature’s grandeur.

I’ve also attached the poems below:

Plath Nature Poetry