This week

Folks, please bring your USBs with your dissertations and folio work on them. We are booked into computer rooms this week to work on them.


Dissertations and Concerns

Folks, the latest drafts of your dissertations will be available to collect from me tomorrow. Please ensure you come by as soon as possible, as your next (and final) draft will be due in next Monday 29th January.

On the whole, it is becoming clear that some of you are simply not taking care to check over your work or pay attention to previous feedback. At this stage, I should only have to give very general comments – I find that is not the case for the majority of you. This work is your responsibility, not mine. If you don’t take the time and effort to improve, you will simply be throwing away 30% of your overall mark.

I will discuss individual feedback with you when you come in to collect your work.

Jane Eyre/Rebecca Lit Study Presentations

I was impressed by these, guys. Use them to aid your revision for Monday.

External Retraints – Erin

Discuss the thematic significance of social status in – Kyle

The role and function of the principle female Ben

social issues catherine

Love in jane eyre and rebecca



Prelim Revision Task

You will be assigned ONE of the below questions and plan a response today. You will use that plan to present a response to the class on Wednesday 10th January.

1.“The novel can deal unflinchingly with the social issues of the day.” Discuss with reference to any two novels. Catherine

2.Discuss the extent to which the principal characters in two novels are limited by the external constraints placed upon them. Erin

3.Discuss the ways in which themes of isolation and/or estrangement are explored in two novels. Kael

4.Compare and contrast the role and function of the principal female characters in two novels. Ben

5.Discuss some of the principal means by which tension is created and sustained in any two novels.  Kirsty

6.Compare and contrast the treatment of love in any two novels. Anna

7.Discuss the thematic significance of social status in any two novels. Kyle

8.Discuss the effectiveness of the exploration of identity in any two novels. Eliza

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

Okay, when the next batch of your work is due:

Monday 8th January 2018

  • Third draft of your dissertations
  • Second draft of your first folio piece.


Friday 12th January 2018

  • First draft of your second folio piece.


Monday 15th Janury 2018

  • Prelim! Please have revised both Plath’s poetry and Jane Eyre/Rebecca, as well as textual analysis techniques.

Rebecca and Jane Eyre Literary Study Essay

This should be completed and handed in on Thursday 14th December.


Discuss the thematic effectiveness of the use of setting in two novels.

  • How could this question be answered when considering both Jane Eyre and Rebecca?
  • What common themes do they share?
  • How are the key settings presented in the novels?
  • What is the impact of the settings on their characters?

Remember, you are not just discussing characterisation – it is the setting you need to analyse in order to explore this other aspect.