Dissertation Text Ideas and Deadlines

Hi folks,

Below is a huge list of possible texts to consider for your dissertations – it’s also helpfully been divided by theme. This is not a restrictive list – don’t feel you HAVE to choose something from it, but it will give you an idea of the calibre of texts you should be selecting.


Reminder of your deadlines, too:

  • Dissertation Proposals due in Wednesday 16th August 2017.
  • First draft of dissertations due in Thursday 5th October 2017.
  • Final draft of dissertations due Monday 8th January 2018.


Hello folks,

Hope the holiday is going well, and that you’re getting a chance to relax amid all the work you’re obviously doing.

Still waiting on dissertations coming through from a number of people – you know who you are. I am more than happy to give advice and assistance, provided you give me time to do it. If you send it to me on Sunday expecting feedback by Monday morning, you will be disappointed.

On Monday, we will be completing our fly-leafs (fly-leaves? Who knows.) for the dissertations. I need EVERYONE to bring in the following:

  • A digital copy of their dissertation, with a COVER and FULL LIST OF REFERENCES¬†– see examples below.
  • A printed copy of the above, which you have checked over so very, very carefully.
  • Cakes, to celebrate (optional).

Example Bibliography

Example cover

Dissertation Examples and Guides

Here’s the example dissertation we have discussed in class, which you all have a paper copy of – obviously the content is great (30 out of 30), but also note how the quotations and footnotes appear.

AI Dissertation for copying

Here’s the dissertation guide that you all also have a copy of too, to answer any last minute queries.

Advanced Higher English Dissertation Guide

Reminder that, unless I have spoken to you about this, the deadline for your FINAL draft is Friday 31st March. If you’re concerned you won’t meet this deadline, then speak to me BEFORE Friday.

The Handmaid’s Tale Tutorial Sessions

Hello folks,

As discussed, after the holidays, each of you will lead a tutorial style mini lesson, lasting approximately twenty minutes, and based on The Handmaid’s Tale.

Everyone has now selected a topic question, and you should be working on this at home as part of your prelim revision. These sessions should ALL be ready to go by the first week back, Monday 9th January. Remember that is also the day your first draft of your dissertations is due in, so ensure you are balancing your workload.

Task instructions and topic questions are below. Any questions, just let me know!


Library Membership

Hi folks,

Hope you all had a good time at the libraries on Friday. If you’re looking to get membership for Central Library, the details are below:


You can also join the Edinburgh University library for free if you only use books for reference, i.e. don;t check them out of the library. You can register for this online, then take proof of ID into one of the library buildings to finalise. Details of how to that are here:


Rochester – Byronic hero?

Afternoon folks,

Below are links to the articles we read today in class, as well as a third, which is an extended thesis on how Rochester is portrayed in various adaptations of Jane Eyre – not essential to read this for class, but might be a good way of seeing the different ways the character can be interpreted.




Remember tomorrow we’re in C118 for dissertation support!