Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

Okay, when the next batch of your work is due:

Monday 8th January 2018

  • Third draft of your dissertations
  • Second draft of your first folio piece.


Friday 12th January 2018

  • First draft of your second folio piece.


Monday 15th Janury 2018

  • Prelim! Please have revised both Plath’s poetry and Jane Eyre/Rebecca, as well as textual analysis techniques.

Example Advanced Higher work

Afternoon dears,

Have a look at the SQA’s Understanding Standards website – it’s got example scripts and commentary from markers, so you can see what kind of thing scores well, and what needs more work.

This will help prepare you for your Literary Study essay next week.


Folio Internal Assessment

Okay folks, so for this you need to bring three things:

  • A first draft of a folio piece
  • A copy of that where you have reflected on your work and taken reasonably detailed notes on how to improve – this can be handwritten notes, like the image below, or be written in the Comments option in Word (in the Review tab at the top)
  • A second draft where you have edited and improved the piece, based on your own reflections.

This is due Thursday 15th December.